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> Riding With Team Moto-V, Guide to Touring as a Team
post Mar 7 2006, 10:52 AM
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Champion 3000

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Riding with Team Moto-V

Welcome to the Team Moto-V
Hope u will have many enjoyable & safe rides with Us.

Guide for the Team

1. Be Courteous

Bike should be in Good Condition
(If u service your bike... do it a week before the ride.
Any problem surfacing... Repair in Spore be easier & not delay the team)
Get to know the rest of the team.
Smile & say Hi!

2. Be On time

Won't be nice to let your team wait too long for u.
(Msg me if u gonna be late the time u be reaching or unable to come)
The time given for departure is "On Your Bike Ready To Go!"
All Loaded, jacket & helmets on....

3. Staggered Formation

Staggered Formation on One Lane
Staggered Formation will give us space for manoeuver.
And space on the side if bike has a problem.
Follow the Leader on the lane he decides.
Two Lines...
The Leader should be able to see the last Bike(Sweeper)
Overtake the slower bikes if he is unable to keep up & let him stay behind with the sweeper.
Strength in numbers.
Most cars will give way to our convoy.
Otherwise we will overtake slowly & carefully on his left.

Speed: Will ride at a speed that will overtake most of the traffic at a slow rate.
As such, we would be on the overtaking lane along the highway a fair bit.
Signal and Move Left if a Faster vehicle is coming from the behind
Flash the one infront to do likewise.

2nd Link: 110kmh (ever present speed traps)

4. Over Take on the Right

There will be rare times when traffic is slow and we overtake on the left.
Or when vehicle road hog (We are not gonna follow him all the way to KL)
Overtake slowly...
May use breakdown lane... in a crawling jam... look out for debris.

5. When Overtaking

Do So when it is safe.
Do not be pressured to overtake.
We will wait for u.
On the other hand... overtake quickly when the opportunity arise.
Until u do... the rest behind can't.
Pass and and move forward. Space for the back to overtake.

6. Know the Ride Plan

Know the route, km to run & rest point.
Will help to find the team if separated.
Don't just follow lah...

7. Hand Signals

Point to the tank if u need fuel.
To your head if u need rest...
Wave to the last bike to continue if u just
wanna stop for Some non-emer stuff eg wearing sunglasses...
Quickly catch up after that.

Exception: If u are sleepy and wants to speed ahead
Wave to the Leader when u over take him.
Join back the convoy when u are refresh.
U may also wait at the arrange rest point.
Being 1st. U will be the marker. Do Not! leave till u see the Sweeper.


8. Markers

On Quiet Country Roads...

The Leader may break formation & open up the pace.
Because of the time required for overtaking...
U may lose sight of the front bikers...
Don't Worry.
Keep to your safe pace... enjoy the roads.
Leader Will leave markers for u.
Important! Don't bunch up!
Keep a wider safety distance between bikes..

Approaching a Junction

If there are no markers GO STRAIGHT!

Anyone riding behind the leader automatically becomes a marker
When Pointed to a location to mark...
Park a safe spot.
Signal lite on the direction of turn.
Watch out for stones that usually gather around junctions.
Wait for the last bike to pass...
Then move back to the front.
Team: please let the marker thru.

9. Last Bike

He will be last to make sure no one is left behind.

When Formation Riding is in Order:
(Highways or Designated Trunk Roads)
It is important not to hold the team by riding too slowly.
If u see the gap for the bike in front is getting bigger...
U are too slow! catch up!

If the bike in front of u leaves a big gap
Give him some time to catch up
And if he doesn't...
Overtake him - let bikes that cannot keep formation drop to the back.
Last bike will take care of them.

The Formation should be tight enough to be safe
And not let any other vehicle get in between.
They are a source of danger when the infiltrate our formation.
That includes bikes not from our team.
It is also courteous not to cut in but to maintain position.

10. Lost

If u are lost... Msg/call me. Don't Worry.
Will give u direction to return to the team.
May not get me immediately as I be riding.
But will return your call at regroup pt.
(please Pm me your Hp & a Next of Kin if u have not done it)

11. Choose a Buddy

Buddy someone...
It is the quickest way to know if u are missing or need help.
It is important for each to be responsible in his style of riding.
Safe rides is a culture with this team and
We look after each other at all levels.
Biking has it's risk... we like to keep it at a Minimum.

12. Bike Type

For day trip: All bikes welcome (must have engine lah)
For longer trip: S4... or similar performance
Long rides will be too stressful for smaller bikes.
Both the rider & team.
13. Wear Protection

Riding Jacket, jeans/touring pants & Shoes (boots will be gd)
Last line of defence to injury if we do fall.
Full face will help protect your chin/face.

I Know it is a little hot... but once on the move.
It is comfortable.

Always have your rain suit with u.

14. One Lane Please

Stay in two lines within one lane.
The Lead will decide the lane to use.
Be it left or overtaking lane.

Help the Lead Bike in accounting for all the bikes.
When he looks back...
He should see 2 lines of bikes with the last bike in the center.
Especially so at traffic junctions when in formation.

Do not overtake the Leader
- If u need to go ahead.. overtake convoy safely & slowly..
Wave to lead bike that u riding ahead.
Some time fatigue sets in riding in formation & u need a blast.
Join the team once u had enough or be the marker at the rest exit.

15. In Bigger Towns:

Keep in close formation.
Two clear line such that the lead bike be able to see the last bike.
Especially at Traffic lights & heavy traffic.
With plenty of junctions.
Remember! No markers - go Straight!
The essential here is not to lose anyone!

16. See Children... Wave

We are guest of their country. We must always remember that.
Be Respectful to properties & people we come in contact with.
Somehow with our riding gears... we do look intimidating.
But a wave to the kids always brings a smile.
They are always happy to see us.
Riding thru towns & villages (Kampong): reduce your speed

The Team will do it's best to keep everyone safe.
That means you too will have an important part to play.
For yourself & your team mates.
So let take good care of one another!

There is no Glory if u Crash
The Ride will be delay & plans may have to change.
Injury to your body & damage to your bike.
(Tour back cost between $500-$1000rm to Spore)

Enjoy Your Ride but come home Safe


As riding has it's risk.
Joining our rides will mean you accept responsible for your own safety.



We will do our very best to ensure the safety of everyone in trip.
But motorcycle riding has itís risk and we need you toÖ

1. Not to hold any of us liable or responsible in any respect and not to institute any legal proceeding for any act, omission, default or neglect or from any injury or death.

2. To indemnity all of us and keep you fully indemnified from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, cost (on an indemnity basis), expenses, damages, awards and interest (as well after as before any judgments) whatsoever and howsoever arising directly or indirectly as a result of any or omission (whether negligent or not) of mine / any of us during the entire trip.

Joinning Our Rides Will Mean You Accept the Above IDEMNITY Clause
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post Mar 7 2006, 11:45 AM
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Champion 3000

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1. Passport
2. Money (Ringgit $1.30 entrance to 2nd link or Touch and Go Card)
3. Cash Card (60cents for spore side)
4. Driving Licence
5. Bike reg & insurance cert.
6. Handphone (Auto roam) & Charger
7. Spare Key!
8. Photo copy (2)
Front side - Insurance cert, Backside - Log Card & Passport
(one copy in your bike seat & other with your passport)
- in the event of need to ship your bike back


1. Sunglasses & Spare Specs
2. Rain Gear
3. Camera & Charger
4. GPS & Maps
5. Rag to clean visor with drizzle (Wet ones/tissue to clean after each break)
6. Plastic bags to Waterproof doc & electronics

Support Equipment

1. Tire repair kit & Pump (1 team member will be assign to bring)
2. First Aid Kit
3. Clutch Cable($17), bulbs & sparkplugs
4. Torch light
5. Locking devices

(Notes courtesy of Simon Soh - adapted for our own riding)

A. Border Documentation Requirements
For Pax
- Same procedure for entering & leaving JB from Singapore for Singaporeans at both Malaysian check point & returning from Thailand.
- All are required to complete Thais arrival white card & endorsed together with a minimum token sum of RM2/pax or Baht equivalent to the custom officer, same fee for departure.(sometimes when they ask)
- Passport MUST be valid at least 6 months before expiry date.
- MACS is only for Johore. So please Have your passport stamp.
Tell immigration officer you are exiting to Thailand

For vehicle at Sadao, Thailand.
- 1 copy of vehicle registration card (log-card from owner.)
Non-owners, you are to provide an authorized letter from owner with
1) both parties particulars &
2) clearly indicating you are authorized to use
his/her vehicle in Thailand during your stay.
* Upon vehicle import chit endorsed, PLEASE safe keep it & return it to Thai custom before leaving Thailand, else there will be a penalty fine imposed to your for next visit with the same vehicle

Front - Insurance Cert.
Back - have your log card & passport

2 Copies:
One In your bike seat sealed with zip-lock plastic bag
One with your passport

B. Please Take Note.
1. Vehicle(compulsory - NTUC Covers up to 85km from border,
Hty is within coverage eg. no need for vehicle 3rd party insurance,
other Ins co. please purchase 3rd party ins.(Compulsory)/
Personal Insurance(optional)
** Personal travel insurance is strongly encouraged before trip (optional, to be done locally) OR can contact 2_wheeler for advise (about $28 for 5 days trip)
Personal travel insurance
** Compulsory 3rd party coverage insurance to be purchased at border (minimum 10days for 140B-price might change), can also purchase at Gurun R&R Caltex station.

2. Bike Requirement-
Well maintained, general maintenance must be done latest a week before departure.
(Check brake/clutch fluids)
- Chain/sprocket in good condition, well lubricated & properly adjusted.
Bring sufficient supply of chain lube to last for the whole journey.
- All moving components should be well lubricated especially clutch cable,
bring a spare cable(optional).
- Alternator properly charing with good condition battery & healthy rectifier.
(Bring a spare rectifier if your bike type is known to break down)
- Tire & brake pad must be averagely new (60% good condition).
- DO NOT overload bike.

3. Documentation
> 1 Thai white card & 2
> 1 x copy vehicle log card & 1 x copy of passport/ I.C.
> NOK contact number, Allergy & Blood Type(will be taken on move-out-nite).

4. Personal equipment check list
- Bike lock.
- Own general tools.
- Tire repair kit*, spare tire valve* & foot pump*
- Spare chain clip & chain lubrication.
- 1 x spare clutch cable (for clutch using wire type).
- 1 x spare rectifier (if with active faulty history).
- Cable tie

5. Riding attire
- Riding Jackets and Pants. Jeans OK.
- Proper footwear(prefered boots, army also can)
- balaclava to prevent briefing all the dust(Keeping warm in North Indo China)
- Gloves
- Full Face Helmet (Comfort a high speed & better protection if u drop)
- Ears plugs or phones for music.

6. Safety
- In the event of break contact, DO NOT exit NSHW unneccessary(unless at planned R&R points), remain at your position safely(away from traffic flow), contact me (Let phone ring for a while... then msg me. I will stop to read msg)
- Do not stop unneccessary for misc activities along NSHW, a quick one IF you need to fresh up from drowsiness(let the last bike know eg signal with hand wiping face), if u r at rest parking area make sure we can see you.
- Consume food & beverages wisely,
Drink plenty of fluids.

Video on What can Go Wrong If U are Not Alert in a Convoy...
Your friends & U can get badly injured if u are not alert...

Flat Road & Twisty has quite gd info for tour. Click Here!
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post Mar 14 2006, 01:30 PM
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Ride with a buddy at least. This way the buddy can usher bikes at the back of chase up to the front to inform whats going on.

But if like the past few trips of 30+++ bikes, don worry, there will be plenty of ppl around.
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post Jul 27 2006, 07:20 PM
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Champion 3000

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Thks Sfowner... for suggestion...

But somehow for me...
I find the Muted world kind of strange...

"What that u say... can u speak louder... "
Ha ha...

:D :rolleyes:
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post Oct 17 2006, 07:54 PM
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One more from a US biker friend .....It Ain't Over Till You Park Your Bike Home... ;)
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post Mar 14 2007, 02:25 PM
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Champion 3000

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1. U ain't leading if there are no bikes behind u.
- Perhaps u too fast?
- A gd leader should always know where his last bike is.
eg. the group is intact.
Being too slow can also be a problem.
So find out what is a comfortable spd for the team.

2. The 2nd bike usually sets the pace for the team.
- So put the slowest rider there.

3. A leader should be familiar with the routes
- cos if u make a wrong turn...
They all turn with u.

4. A Min of 3 will ensure that if something happens...
1 can stay with the biker & the other go look for help.

5. Keep the max according to your ability.
A nice no. will be total of 6.
Too big a group will be hard to manage.

6. Know your riders.
Their ability & strength.
That will determine time to rest, speed & endurance.

7. Brief your riders of the route.
Rest pt & signals if they have to stop for whatever reasons.

8. Emphasis on a safe ride.
A mishap will mean: Damage to their nice bike, Injuries to their body
Delays or end of tour for everybody.
So all riders carry a responsibility to themself & team.
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post Mar 14 2007, 04:03 PM
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Pro 500

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i must stress on knowing ones ability and strength.. often some riders will tend to over stretch their limitation just to keep up with the front biker.. this is a very dangerous act as stretching your limits means putting urself into more risky situation. Rider will exhaust their energy fast, risk of losing their concentration and makes many error judgements.

This not only risk the rider but will also risk the group as well....

Remember this when u ride with the Moto-V

"Ride within your limits and dun worry of being left behind, the sweeper will alway be there"

Cheers :Cheer leader:

pardon mi for my poor english
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