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GLAD U Drop By...

Take a Few Minutes to Read
'Cos U really have less than 2 Sec
To React to a Situation on the Road...

But the KEY is not Getting Into The Situation...


Note: Just Read One "Tip of the Day"
Every time u logged in...
Don't Read thru the thread in one go...
Feel free to quote which ever point as u
share your own experience with us.

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There is no Copy Right when spreading a Word on safety.
Right Click with your mouse & click "property" -
Copy "Address (URL)" and paste on "IMG".
Or simply "save picture as... " to your disc
Street Smart

Tip of the Day #1

Most motorcycles accidents involve a short trip associated
with shopping, work, friends or entertainment.
50% of Crashes happen within the first six minutes.
So be extra careful when starting off.
The Factors are Attention & Concentration.
Transition from House to Bike, Office to Bike is High risk.
How focuses are u on the traffic hazards or is your mind somewhere else?

Every time U swing your leg over the Bike.
Take time to direct your Mind to the Task.
To focus on the road & traffic ahead.
Wipe things of your mind & tune in to the bike & ride.

A Transition is Needed Take a little time to concentrate on what lies ahead!

IPB Image
Hi All,

Above is a Statistic.
But U need not be One. :smile:

Although the figures were compiled in another country...
I feel It is also relevant here in Spore.

Please contribute your views & experience.
As conditions here at Home are different.
And whatever U contribute will beneficial to ALL.

Thank You for Tuning In...
CONTENTS For your "Quick Reference"

1. 50% of Crashes happen within the 1st 6 min
2. The Art of Soft Lane Change
3. Intersections - Most Frequent Place for an Accident
4. Less Traffic = Fewer Hazard (choose your route)
5. See & Be Seen (Be obvious)
6. Vision: Whose is more important. Yours or others
7. It's All about Speed
8. Risk in City Street Vs Expressways
9. Good Time... Bad Time (different time in the day/nite)
10. 2 Min Check (Pre-Ride)

11. How long it takes to get use to riding a new bike
12. Recognizing & Respond to Hazards
13. Wet Weather Riding
14. Emergency! Chain Snap! (pg 2)
14a. Blind Spots
15. Something Heavy on your Mind...
16. 2 Most Dangerous Risk to the Biker
17. The Attitude to Learning
18. Swerving
19. 3 Deadly Junction in the West
20. Change your Gears before entering a Corner

21. 4 Things that seperate You from the Ground22. Bikers Wt vs Bike Wt.
23. Tires indicates the Drivers Intentions
24. Taxis... $#%%!
25. Taking a Left/Right Bend
26. Tunnel Vision
27. Crash & Injuries Pattern
28. Best Protection is Distance
29. Filtering Between Lane
30. Entering Expressways

31. The U-Turn
32. Shadow Watching
33. When Sun Gets In Your Eyes/Sand (Pg 3)
34. Take a Break
34a. Wear Protection
35. High WInds
36. Overload
37. Overtaking Commercial Vehicles
38. Under the Bridge
39. Being Noisy Could be a Good Thing
40. Beyong Your Envelope

41. Life Saver
42. Bikes on Tour
43. Overtaking a String of Vehicles
44. Offside Overtaking
45. Wet Days
45a. Big WHEELs small wheels
47. Which Bike Should I Steal?
47a. Riding Skill... Physical/Mental
49. Slippery When Wet
50. Be Cool!

51. Stop & U Drop
52. Keep to the side when turning
52a. Look out for that Cow!
53. Height has It's Advantages
54. F.A.S.T.
55. Target Fixation
55a. Space
56. When u see a slow car... (Pg 4)
56a. Entry Speed (pg17)
56b. Tyres
57. Stoney Island
57a. 1000th Hit Post "Don't Rush"
58. Regulating your speed
59. Don't want to Hit Anything when I fall
60. Hydro Planning

61. Decreasing Radius Turns
62. The Wobble
63. Engine Seizure
64. Skids
65. ABS Brakes
68. Thunderstorms
69. Speed Vs Gear
70. Signal Your Intentions

71. Flashing Your HeadLights
72. Junctions
73. Taxis
74. Hand Signals
75. Courtesy
76. Responding to other signals
77. Learning from our mistakes
78. Attitudes Towards Speed
79. Attitudes Towards Other Road User
80. Attitudes Towards Risk Taking

81. Heavy Vehicle on the overtake...
81a. Looking but not seeing
82. Red Mist
83. Traffic Jams
84. Riding In A Group
85. Ride Within Your Comfort Zone
86. Overtaking is a Decision u can Reconsider at anytime.
87. Don't follow blindly
88. You Alone can Access the situation
89. When your vision begin to blur.
90. 12 midnight to 8am

91. Do Something to Keep Awake
92. May Not Be A Good Idea to squeeze between 2 vehicles
93. One of the safest position is between two vehicle.
94. Be Selective Who U are with.
95. Debris from Trucks...
96. Drop Gears Before Entering Corners for more control
97. Exit & Entrances
98. It Need Not Involve U
99. A Wet Tale
100. Think Buffet

101. It sometime not good to share.
102. When the surface is getting Wet
103. Looking Here - Looking There
104. Punctures & Blowouts
105. Altering Your Riding Behaviour
106. Cute Animals
106a. Hantu Lorries
107. Clear & Present Danger
108. Reading the Roads
109. Reaction Time
110. One Eye Joe

111. Snap Out!
112. 2 Sec Rule
113. Pick Up Zones
114. Back Alleys
115. Deadly Cracks
116. The Ramp
117. The Junction
118. A Sign call Danger
119. Taking Position –
119a. Snooze & U sleep on the street
120. Famous Last Words - I didn't see him leh!
120a. Speed

121. Body Language
122. Below The Waist
123. Lane Selection
124. Dropping Gears – Rags in wet days
125. Tire pressure
126. Anticipate & Avoid
127. Dress for the fall
128. Dressing Up
129. Survival Instinct
130. Know the Statistic but do not be one.

131. Vital Statistic
132. Who is most likely to be involve in an accident
133. Where are accidents most likely to happen
133a. Do we learn from our Mistakes
134. Our Own Count
135. Riding 2 Up
136. Precious cargo
137. What Makes A Good Rider
138. No Lines – Don’t Squeez
139. Buying A Bike
140. What Bike do u have in mind.

141. New or Old
142. Used Bikes
143. Popular or Individual machines
144. Scooter or Motorcycle
145. Which Brand
146. Italian Bike
147. Getting a Used Bike
148. Strength & Limitations
149. Roads are not racing tracks
150. Time to bring our the Mask

151. Lapse & bite the dust
152. Right turning vehicle kills the most bikers
153. Wear Protection
154. Case Study #1
155. Case Study #2
156. Don’t Just ride.. think!
157. It’s about walking
158. The Most Dangerous Time is when the drinking ends
159. If u drink – don’t ride
160. Do U look at your mirrors when u stop

161. Wet Days
162. Vigilance is crucial to minimising error
163. Disturbing story with a taxi driver
164. Avoiding Vehicle turning into your path
165. A little distance in wet days
166. Push yourself to the limit & you’ll crash
167. Slippery when Wet
168. Falling asleep on the ride
169. 360 Vision
170. When the going gets tough – The tough goes shopping
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Street Smart

Tip of the Day #2

The Art Of Soft Lane Change

The Purpose of this technique is to allow Yourself
and other road user time & space to make mistakes.
Everybody makes mistakes so why not allow them
rather than suffer from them.

Here is how it works:

When u move form one lane to another,
After u check your blind spot carefully & mirror thoroughly,
Flash your turn signal.

Move to barely across to the line that divides the both lanes,
Wait a few moments for horn or
some indicator that u miss some important info.

After a few seconds, hear or see no problem…
Smoothly & deliberately adjust your position to the new lane u prefer.

U basically turn 1 motion into 2.
Making Room for yourself.

Try It! It works!And It won't Hurt!

user posted image
IPB Image

JUNCIONS Most Dangerous Place For Motorcycles

The Most Frequent Place for an Accident to the Motorcycle Proceeding Straight.
Especially for Vehicles Turning into Our Path...

They More than Often Fail or Choose Not to See us...

Junctions, Traffic Lights Intersection...
(not stopping when lights are red or at STOP sign)

Just Remember!
Drivers are at Times are Unpredictable!
(look at the driver... may give u some hint of what to expect)

Just when u feel that they are stopping & slowing down for U...

Whenever u approach a Road Junction.
It is the MOST Dangerous Place for Motorcycles.

It Had Been, and Shall Always BE!
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Less Traffic = Fewer hazards equals Less Risk & Stress.

Try Leaving Your HOME a Little Earlier eg. 15min/30min
And see if the amount of Traffic is Much lesser.

U can always pack your breakfast & have it at your place of work.
With a 3 in One coffee bag. (can even make u slimmer)

Try Leaving your Place of Work Later eg. 15/30min
& see if the Traffic is much lesser.

Consider adjusting your work schd
And maybe make the trip more enjoyable.

TRY Different Routes TO your Place of Work/Home.

Some maybe Longer... But if the Traffic is low...
U will probably get there in Better Shape.
user posted image

This Picture was taken last week.
Driver turning out from a minor Junction in to a Main Road.

If for any reason... Driver a little late for appointment, tired....
as to lack concentration in anyway
& miss seeing the difficult to see bike...

He would have turn Car right Into His Lane

And .... SURPRISE!

The Biker will have to do Emergency Braking or
Serve Right into the Next Lane to avoid the Car...
Hoping There are no Vehicles on that lane.....

:cheeky: :smile: :giddy:

Riding in the Shadow may be a Cool Thing to Do on a Hot Day...
But Beware of Drivers that Just don't see U...

Never Assume That U are Visible...
It is Better to Assume That U are InVisible!
user posted image

Way to Protect Ourself...

Plan A: If u Are Prepared Mentally that
The Vehicle Is Coming out into your Lane (cos he does not see U.)

Obviously, U would Slow Down to let Him thru...
Maybe look Behind to take the Next Lane Right (checking for traffic of course)

Plan B: Flash Highbeam/Friendly Horn to Let Him know U are Coming.
Beware! Him Slowing Down does not means He is Stopping...
On One Occassion...
A car slowed down but did not stop and drove right in front of me.
(Did not see the Stop Sign for Him)

I could not stop even with max brakes.
Crash into his side with My car...
Spd was slow... Min damage.
No Injury to occupants!

In a Crash... The driver will walk out to see the damage...
Car & U... IN that order...
As for the Rider...
I am sure the Rider will Suffer a Little More injuries.

Just A add-on:

Hear from fellow motorist working around there...
This Corner at Guillemard Rd is has many bad Accidents...
Wonder why?
But remember... Know the Statistic but do not be One...
user posted image

OUR wish is that All motorist sees Us Clearly... All the Time...

But Unfortunately....

...They Dont'.

As Such,

OUR VISION is All Important in Keeping Us Safe...
In Reading & Avoiding potential dangers...

All we need is a moment of Lapse... And Surprise.. We have a Vehicle Right in front of our Lane!
Don't even know where it came from...
Next.... we are fanatically trying to avoid crashing into the vehicle...

A Simple Disipline is to keep our Visor
Clean & Clear ...
Essential to Good Vision & safe riding.

user posted image

There Were Times When I have to Cruise Along the
North-South Highway At low Speed...
(Eg. When Almost Every Body is passing U)

I Just Have this Great Sense of Discomfort And that is when
Overtake And Roar pass my bike.

The Uncertainty of Not being in control of the Vehicle
From Behind
Is just very Uncomfortable.

Putting My Faith in the hands of Lorry/Bus Drivers
Is just not one of my Favorite Past Time.
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STREET SMART Tip of the Day #8

When U ride...
Which way shall u take today...
Which has more Risk...

Expressways or City Streets?

Because of the Better Flowing Traffic... Expressways has lower risk.
But 'cos of the Higher Speed... An accident would mean serious injury

Generally, more crashes occurs in City Streets 'cos of the Numerous Junction & Stop/Go Traffic.
But lighter injury is the order of the Day.

Best Option:

Depends on your route & time of travel...
Choose one with lesser traffic...
May take u a longer time(route)...

But U be safe & sound....
Probably enjoy your ride More...
(go experiment with different routes... U may even reach office/home earlier)

Between Expressways... U can always take the one that does not go thru the City center but use SLE, TPE or KJE...
It may be sometime more worth while to pay the 50c ERP just to enjoy the ride thru the city with lesser traffic...
(don't forget to insert your cash card)
Street Smart
Tip of the Day #9

Good Time... Bad Time

Fatal Crashes start to Peak after 6pm.
Injury Crashes prevail from 9pm to midnight
But the Midnight to 3am shift is the prime time for deaths.

NO surprise as most family activities happens after work.
Going home after shopping... dinner...
But after Midnight... is Bar/Pub Closing Time.

Just too many drivers with access alcohol...
They will do the Most Unpredictable Manoeouver.

It is just a Bad, Bad time to be on the Road...
No matter what skill, state of mind, location or choice of vehicle.
Why do u think the Police does spot checks on drink driving
around Midnight...

user posted image
user posted image

Street SmartTip of the Day #10

2 Minute Pre Ride Check
- Can Save Your Life

1st Ride of the Day
This Would be A Healthy Routine U can Adapt to Your Life Style
A simple Check on your Bike before Hit the Road..

Approaching your Bike
Look for Fluid drips on floor
Any thing stuck to tires

Tire Pressure
If the Bike has not been ridden for a week.
Check Pressure with a Gauge...
Or ride to the Nearest petrol stn for air.

Does it need to be adjusted... Use your Toes
Check Oil & Fluid Level
Bike should be Upright(ctr Stand)
Engine Oil, Brake Fluid Front & Back

Cable - Normally fail slowly
Roll throttle & see it returns automatically
Squeeze Clutch Lever
Brake Lever Pressure Normal

Start Engine
Check Lights
High/Low Beam
Signal Lights Front/Back
Brakes Lights - Front/Back Brakes
(use Vehicles or wall around U to see reflections)

Move Off
Give Front & Back brakes a tap to see if it works.

It seem like a long list... But if U do it correctly & regularly
It takes very little time. And will prevent Ugly Surprises on the Roads
Print a copy as checklist, after a few days... U won't need the list anymore...
U have aquired a Good Habit. Just like wearing a seat belt
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Click for more post on Street Smart

user posted image
user posted image

Street Smart Tip of the Day #13

Wet Weather Riding

Wet Roads Means Less Traction
Smooth Changes in Direction & Braking
Is the Order of the Day

Avoid the Painted Lines/Arrows on the Road.
Very Slippery.
If U do Skid...
Release Your Brakes... (Locking up the Front Wheel will guarantee a Drop)
Apply again when u regain Control of your Bike.
(advance riding in BBDC will teach u how to handle a skid)
U should use both Front & Back Braking.

Visibility will be Reduce...
So Give Don't Miss Anything that may hit U.

user posted image

Riding In the Wet may not be all Bad.

I have experience 2 rides in very heavy rain on the North-South Highway.
Vision is acceptable... but gets bad behind vehicles.
So I keep clear of all vehicles.

Any Form of Spray-on that's gets water
off your visor will help greatly.
Fogging up on the inside of visor may also be a problem.
But Normal vent provide should do the Job.

And It is the Acid Test for your Gears.
Water Proofs & Helmet.

Being in the Rain Lately?

user posted image

Street Smart Tip of the Day #14

Chain Snap

It's is important to respond Quickly As Instructed Above.
Look ahead to where u want to go.
Looking out for traffic on the left if pulling to Break down Lane.

When Chain Breaks

You will Notice it Immediately
Cos' you'll insantly lose power.

Chain could LOCK rear wheel & cause u to skid

Chain Maintenance(once a mth)

Check that It is Not too Tight (or Lose)
Use your Toe at Mid point... chain should move about 2cm.

1. Clean Chain by spraying WD40 and clean with rags
(Do Not Use Diesel to clean! there are rubber component in your chain
That will be damage)
2. Apply Chain Lube


Use Scott Oiler
What the Oiler does is drip oil on your chain at regular interval.
Click for more info on Scott Oiler

Price: Reasonable as having to deal with a Chain Snap on the Road

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user posted image

Stay off the RED ZONES

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

user posted image

Will He Turn Into your Path?

Even if he has his signal on...
... Make sure He Knows U are Coming...
Flash your Lites or Sound your Horn if u need to!

As for Us... We have to Me Absolutely Sure He is NOT Turning!
May even need to Slow down or Stop to let him thru...

It's Your Survival!

user posted image
user posted image

user posted image

Swerving May be Necessary to avoid a Particular Emergency
A "QUICK SWERVE" May be the only way to avoid collision!

Counter Steering is the Best way to get Around Objects.


At Slow Spd... U push Left Handgrip to go Right...

At High Speed..
U push RightHandgrip to go Right!
When u do it, the bike will lean right

Pass the Object... straighten up & do the Opposite.

U may need to brake & steer at the same time...
Slowing down gives u more control.

Use Very little rear Brakes. Rear wheel tend to skid in sharp turns.

Or u risk being hit by another vehicle.

I Been Taught to Use my knee to kick the bike on the Left to go Right!
It Works! Try It!
(some uses body wt. transfer... works too)
Go practice by avoiding white arrows on the Ground...
...Remember, Keep to your lane!

Practice This technic By Riding Fast over a Speed Bump...
(u will feel very much in control of the Bike -
your suspension will just eat up the Bump)

Crz the North-South Highway:
Note The Bumps Crossing Bridges(that pan over roads)
Same Technic... only Higher Speed!

Be aware that there are Bikes that drop cos' they loose control over these bumps.
Know the Statistic... Don't Be ONE!
user posted image


Like to thank "Endlesslop" for this Contribution
Living @ Jurong West... He notice frequent accidents at these junctions...

Please Take Note! if u use these Junctions...
If u use these junction & in the High Risk Group(ntu/scdf)
Don't Add to the Statistic...

And Please Pass this informationt to your Fellow Bikers..

The most dangerous junction and with the most frequent accident of the 3 are:

1. The cross junction between Jalan Bahar and Jurong West Ave 2/4.Either 90 degree approach can be hazardous.

Vehicles descend (going westward) from Jurong West Ave 2 towards Jurong West Ave 4 can pick up great speed and approach the junction at 90-100kmh.
If they do not consciously slow down, as they approach this junction they would be in for a rude shock when vehicles turn right and cut perpendicularly into their path.

Vehicles traveling along Jalan Bahar (both Northwards or southwards) will have the same problem that the road design allows vehicles to approach the junction at great speed.

2. The next one is cross junction between Jurong West Ave 4 and Jurong West St 75/St 64.

3. The third one is cross junction between Jurong West Ave 4 and Jurong West St 71/61. An undisciplined bike can approach this junction at 90-100 kmh.

So if you travel along the Jurong West Ave 2 to Jurong West Ave 4, which I do, you have to run through a gauntlet of 3 continuous high-risk cross-junction.

Three other factors contribute to the frequent accidents there:
1. NTU is nearby
NTU students who ride/drive to school would still have very little on-the-road experience as they run through this gauntlet daily unaware of its danger.

2. SCDF camp at Jalan Bahar
Many young malay bikers.

3. AYE, PIE are nearby.
During morning peak hour, working adults rush to work towards these expressways.
During evening peak hour, working adults exit from these expressways to rush home.

Note: Please PM me if U find a Areas which are a danger to Bikers... THks
user posted image

Changing Gears In a Corner
will Only Get u Into Trouble...

Drop Gears According to The Sharpness of the Corner.
Before Entering...

A good Estimate would be...
4th gear into 70km corner
3th gear into a 50km corner...
2th gear into a Hair Pin Turn (eg. > 90 deg corner)

At times U may have to Change Gear to Keep Bike Under Control...
When Already in the Corner...
That would then be called a Recovery...

user posted image

On Your Motorcycle,

4 things separate u from the ground.

Each of these points mention above
By itself,
can protect you.

In the particular order as listed above...
After that, It's just you & the road.


they creat a strong defense against
the potential hazards involved with motorcycling.
user posted image

Average Man... 70kg x 3 = 210kg Bike
Average Lady... 50kg x 3 = 150kg Bike

Most 125cc Bikes... 120kg

CBF250... 140kg
Super 4 Honda... 169kg

CBR 1000, R1, ZX10... 180kg
CBR 600, Fazer 6, GSX 6... 170kg

Harley Davidson 270kg

Hornet 900... 190kg
Hornet 600... 170kg
Hornet 250... 150kg

ZX12... 210kg
BMW R1150RS... 225kg
Goldwing 360kg
ST1300 225kg

An Indication of what is the right weight bike for U...
It will help u decide your next bike...
Which u can control Well.

user posted image

Tyres are A Good Indicator that the Driver is Changing Directions.
Unfortunately, Quite a few Drivers Signal & move to another lane...
Both at the same time.

Leaving us no warning... & leaving us to Take Avoiding actions.

Another Tell Tail Sign would be the Drivers Head...Which he normally look back at the Direction the going to Turn.

So Look for signs that someone is coming into your lane!

user posted image

Street Smart Tip of the Day #24

Although Taxi drivers are one of the most experience people on the road...
(they virtually spent most of their life there)
They depends on Passengers for their income.

If u see an empty taxi on the ctr lane...
passengers waving him down...
U can be sure this taxi is gonna swing into your lane!

There are also times where their pax will ask the driver to stop immediately!
So they just pull to the road side with out looking for U.

Without fail... there will always be taxi hogging the fast lane @ 90kmh!
So just be cautious when over taking by the left...

Just remember...
some of these drivers have been on the road for a long, long time...
(shift changes at 4pm)
so they are tired...
they are not so alert...
so we just have to keep our distance from them!
user posted image

Street Smart
Tip of the Day #25

Entering a Left Bend on a Country Road
(open roads)

Line Selection is Very Important!

Looking Thru' Turns:
1. Look as Far through a turn as possible.
2. Slow Down... This will allow your Body to stay relax
& permit your mind to see the Big Picture!

Too High an Entry Speed will bring all sort of Problems!

Keep to the Right Side of your Lane...

Will give U a better line of Sight.
Gives u a Wider Curve to Run.
Do a Smooth Turn without multiple steering.
Keep Some Lean Angle in reserve
(u may need it)
And Make sure u do not Overrun to the Other side of the Road!

user posted image

Street Smart
Tip of the Day #25

Into A Right Bend..
Keep to the LEFT side of your Lane.

Better Line of Sight.
Will Make your Turn more Gradual.
You Give yourself As much room for
Traffic over runs from the opposite side of the Road.

Stay on the Road.
Riding too close to the side to be over
Sand & rubbish that is usually by the side of the Road.
Fastest way to skid on a Lean.
user posted image

user posted image

Street Smart Tip of the Day #26

Don't Just Focus your Vision on the Lane in front of U...
Put On All the Flood Lights
And Have your Vision Cover Traffic on both sides
that may Cut Into Your Path!
Blue Lorry on the Left or Bunch of Vehicles on the Right.

For some strange reason... they may just don't see You.

Flash your Lights, Horn and if all that fails... give way to him.
We live to ride another day.

Note: the Lorry on the Left.
More important... the SUV on the Extreme Right...
Some vehicles may find Q too long for the 2 turn lanes
& decides to turn from the non-turning lane.
He is doing an illegal turn... very hurried... In a rush...
Not to be caught... by police!
Sees front Clear.. (but did not see U the Motor cyclist)...
Turns... Wham!
user posted image


By looking at the Data...

Our Legs/Foot takes the Highest Amount of Injuries... 40%
Next are our Hands/Arms... 30%
Head... 16%

Sensible Dressing will cut down on the Severity of our Injury.
Fully understands that our weather is Hot, Hot, Hot...

But collecting scars will not be pleasant experience...
Especially the Lovely Ladies.

A pair of Jeans w/ Shoes (Boots are Best).
A pair of Gloves
A Jacket... (will be ideal with elbow, shoulder & back padding)
Helmet is Compulsory by law...
DO consider a Full Face Helmet... 'Cos the Highest % of Hits on the Head is the Chin!

user posted image

Some of my riding buddies have had skids...
Their Riding Jacket, jeans, boots were torn...

But their injuries were minor...
...just scratches where the clothings were torn.

SO the thick clothes take the 1st impact...
Can't say the same for one that rode with singlets...
Or one that rode without gloves...

Remember, when we skid... our hands are the 1st to catch the fall.
As if have said... I have seen enough bikers with scars on their arms to remind me to dress appropriately.

And it all becomes a Habit... A Good Habit.
user posted image


Distance Between Yourself & Others.
IF someone makes a Mistake...
...Distance gives Your time to React
& go Somewhere.

Some call it "CUSHION RIDING"

Distance In Front
Distance Behind
Distance to the Side


Ordinary Condition... keep a 2 sec gap
(eg. time the car infront passes an fix obj to the time u take to reach it)
Gives u Better View of things on the road
& distance to slow down or even stop if the
Vehicle in front stops suddenly.

Wet days... 4 sec gap...


Tailgaters... those that follows very close behind
Change Lanes, or just let vehicle pass


One thing the Rider can do & cars can't
That is we can move to one side of the lane.

user posted image

Street Smart Tip of the Day #29

(Riding between Lanes)

When U Filter Between Lanes...
Your Safety Distances Just Drop to Very NEAR!

The Distance infront will depend on whether the Vehicles Closes up the Gap.
Your Side Distances is now very near...

LEGALLY... have not known anyone being booked for filtering...
Dangerous riding... (eg over taking in a hazardous way)... Yes!
IN UK it is Legal.

SAFETY... How safe will depends on the Gap.
And How alert & fast u react to the Different changing Conditions.
Eg. Hand And Foot all ready to use the Brakes.
Looking far & wide.

Do You DO it... Guess it all depends on how comfortable u are
with such close distance from other vehicles.
We normally do it when traffic is slow moving or there is Jam

The safe way recommended is to be just ride
a little faster than the traffic when filtering thru.
That gives u the upper hand.
And to give way to more experience Riders u may be holding up behind.

Try Not To Filter Thru Moving Traffic when The Road Is Wet (Drizzle or Rain)...
Any sharp usage of Brakes has a High Chance of Skidding...
This would put us on the road surface...
& We hope the vehicle behind is able to avoid us...
(remember... he is also having poor visiblity & less braking... )
Give Yourself Plenty of Space to Slow Down...
And if u can.... plenty of space behind...
Try using Engine Braking
(eg. Drop Your Gear... 5th to 4th to 3rd.... Less chance of skidding)
Use both brakes... more of the rear brake...


For Bikers...

A 3 Lane Highway Means 5 Usable Lanes
Especially when it is Jammed.


VISION: Good vision & situation awareness are very important!
That means looking well ahead, but also understanding exactlywhat's going on to either side and to a lesser extend behind.
Be mindful of faster filterers coming from behind

ALERT: Moke sure you almost instantly put yourself into "Filter Mode" when you've been filtering for a few km, stay alert; dont't start wondering what to eat when u reach the Food Centre.

CONTROL: Good use of gears & brakes are essential. In the right gear gives u power to accelerate out of trouble & engine braking(lower gears) help slow quickly when your throttle off. Be ready with both front & back Brakes!
user posted image

If There's a gap big enough for a car to fit in...
Expect the Grey Car to Try...
Especially if that lane is slightly faster...

Some cars signal then filter right
Some cars filter & signal at the same time...
Some cars filter then signal...

user posted image

Roadworks up ahead have closed
the Outside lane,
causing traffic clog up.
It's is very tempting to rush thru the gap
between the lanes.
But remember,
Egery single car in the outside lane will need
to move into the middle lane some point.


user posted image

Other Filterers

As on the Open Road,
Everyone rides according to their
Own Level of Skill & Experience.
It can be incredibly hard to pass another bike in heavy traffic,
So watch your mirrors
And let Faster Filterers pass when it's safe to do so.
Your might even learn something by following for a bit

user posted image

STREET SMART Tip of the DAY #30

Do not assume that all vehicle will accelerate to join Express Way.
There will be times when
A Vehicle in front of U will come to a DEAD STOP!

user posted image


Be it the Intention of the Vehicle to U-Turn out...Or Just Pulling Out of the Parking Lot.

His Front Wheel would Indicate His Intention.
(or if u see him turning his head to look back.)

We Just Have to Make sure He Knows
We Are Coming!(flash lights/horn if necesary)

Or just slow down & prepare to Stop
if driver Miss Seeing Us...

user posted image


Watch That Shadow & Watch That Gap!

Always be On the Alert! Slow Down... Be ready to E Brake
Especially if the vehicle is a Big Vehicle & your visibility is limited!
People or Vehicles may just come out from this GAP!

Just 2 weeks ago...

Jam along Tg Katong Rd in direction of City Plaza.
A gap in the Traffic as with pic above...
Vehicle left gap
for car to turn(right) out from Side Rd on the Left...

A bike riding on the right side of the Jam Vehicles could not see car turning out...
Crash into Car!

Minor Injury... as speed was slow.

So Remember!

Gap In Jam... Watch That GAP!
user posted image

Sometimes... U may just not be too obvious!

Can u Spot the Biker

user posted image

Can u spot the biker?

user posted image


If the Driver don't see u... He may just drive into your Path
user posted image

When Touring On Malaysian Trunk Roads...
...Sand is the
Fastest Thing to Cause U to Skid when Cornering!

So Avoid!
or In a Slower Speed... there may still be chance of recovery
or if it is too late... just Widen Your Curve...
Applying Brakes is not a good idea...
Throwing down gears (eng Braking) would be a better option

Sand Normally flows down from the Higher Grd
During Heavy Rain...

user posted image

Street Smart
Tip of the Day #34

"When the Going Get Tough...
...the Smart Take-a-Break

Rather be caught up in an aweful sea of traffic...
Leave for your Work earlier & home slightly later.

Be Earlier & have a prata near your work place...
Or head for a Teh-Tarik shop after work.

As little as Half an Hour makes a
BIG Difference in the
Amount of Traffic on the Road!

Try it! And u may arrive at your destination in a Better Condition!

Less Traffic = Less risk

Beside... your Boss will be happy to see u 1st to arrive & last to leave...
Ahem... if u're the boss... no comments."

user posted image

Yep! Fatigue is one of the Main cause of Riders crashing out...
especially on the N-S Highway
Ahem... as I recall... someone fell asleep & rode up the center grass divider.

Most fortunate... It was just a Wake Up Call!


The Last Leg of my Songkran Thailand trip...

...5 Days of Riding all the way up to Phuket.
Last 2 days. Phuket-Hatyai on day 4.
Hatyai - Spore day 5...

Last leg Hatyai-Spore was just too long without a day break in between.
Eg Ipoh or Genting nite stop will definately be wiser.

As a result... the 5 riders in my gp we just really tired.
(rest of the riders had a day off in hty)
Did suggest nite stop... but gp felt ok to go on.

Did try by having different riders taking the lead.
Did help for part of the ride. (Ipoh leg)

But 1hr after KL... it was all downhill.

Just signal to the rest... that I'm taking a Break
& pull into a rest area.

Wash face or just close eyes for a while.
Must had took 3 breaks from Ayer Keroh to 2nd Link.

2 of the Bikes did stop to wait for me at Machap.
Was nice since I was last bike & they realize I was not behind.

Fortunately, 2 Black birds came to
welcome us back at the beginning of 2nd link.
Certainly a Great help! Thks R1szuan...

(long ride... do a nite stop!)

Close one huh... Wayang...
Next time... let leader or last bike know
u are tired & need a Break
Good posibility u are not the only one tired.
We should all stop for an Ice Cream!
Story Time:

When Lorry Hits Police Car

A close friend of mine drives a Sand Lorry.
Now He relates to that when he changes lane...
It is very difficult for him to see the vehicle behind...
Partly 'cos of his lousy Side Mirror...

So what he does is to slowly filter into the Lane....
& if there's no horning... He filters thru.

Now On this paticular day...
He hit a Police Car filtering to a new lane.

Of course he was booked!
And police car dented!

Now... The Real World.
I am Not on anybody side...
But All Vehicles do have their difficulities.
Especially Commercial Vehicles... Schd to make... rush...
Boss/Customers... Hurry, Hurry...

As Endless had said... Sometimes... we can just give way...
Be Happy & Move On...

Thinks Life have Enough Problem as it is...
user posted image

user posted image

Highway Riding

Look Far & Wide.
If u Spot a Heavy Vehicle(Bus, Lorries... )
Attempting to Overtake another Heavy Vehicle...
Even Though u are Far Away...

Start Slowing Down Immediately...

Otherwise... It's Emer Braking...

These Heavy Vehicle Overtakes at a Very Slow Spd...
And They Totally Block Up the Highway with their enomous Bodies!
That leaves no Escape Routes.
user posted image

Tip of the Day


Part of Highways are over high grounds(bridges) and Riders tend to suffer from effect of High Winds.
Be Prepared! The Sway can be Quite Drastic!


The Wind Break Overtaking These BIG Vehicles may cause U to Veer towards them.
May also cause Buffeting to Smaller Bikes.
In these conditions, keep a firm a grip on the Handlebars with Both hands.
Bending Low(eg stomach on tank) will also be a Big Help in stability.


Cause be Slip Stream of BIG Vehicles will pull bikes towards larger veh.
As smaller veh break clear from suction... a tendency to veer away.
Counter this by a firm grip.
Leaning the machine away from force might also help.

user posted image

We are guilty of it sometimes.
Just Buying something bulky.

Do invest in a Tankbag, tailbag, topbox, panier, haversack...
We will need Full & Free controls to ride safely

user posted image

Was Caught a couple of time along the AYE towards 2nd Link...
String of Commercial Vehicles on the extreme left lane(#3)

Me... riding on the Center Lane(#2)

When... "*&#!"
This Lorry just pull out right infront of me
to over take.
No Signal/warning whatsoever.

Had to Serve just to avoid Him!
(remember... Try to serve within your lane)

So if u see a string of Comm. Veh...
(can understand the frustration of the comm veh
driving behind a much, much slower veh infront of the line)

Take the Extreme Right Lane (#1)

Pic is the 2 lane Stretch of AYE over Keppel Rd.
Further down the Highway.... will open up to 3 lanes.
Just remember not to hold up veh on the right lane

user posted image

Was Caught a couple of time along the AYE towards 2nd Link...
String of Commercial Vehicles on the extreme left lane(#3)

Me... riding on the Center Lane(#2)

When... "*&#!"
This Lorry just pull out right infront of me
to over take.
No Signal/warning whatsoever.

Had to Serve just to avoid Him!
(remember... Try to serve within your lane)

So if u see a string of Comm. Veh...
(can understand the frustration of the comm veh
driving behind a much, much slower veh infront of the line)

Take the Extreme Right Lane (#1)

Pic is the 2 lane Stretch of AYE over Keppel Rd.
Further down the Highway.... will open up to 3 lanes.
Just remember not to hold up veh on the right lane.
user posted image

The horn is nomally used to prevent Vehicles
cutting into my lane...
without signalling...
or at the Junction if the driver
did not notice me coming...

I found even with the standard horn...
u get ignored.
Mmmm... Now with a Double Air Horn($15 @ Autobac)...
they just pull back to their lane.

user posted image

You Generally know Where Your Threshold Is.
But At times... Ego Gets Beyond Ability.

Others may be able to take corners way Low...
But That Takes Much Practice & Experience.
Do the Same... u may end up in the Grass.

Same with Over taking... Especially on Track Days.
Where some Slick Ladies or Smaller CC bikes will
just zoom pass U...

Or when In a Convoy...
Know where the next rest pt is...
So u not pressured when the rest are pulling away.

Stay Within Your Envelope!

user posted image

If u are turning,
use it to Check the blind spot on the side u intend to turn.
If u are Filtering into the Highways...
Turn your head to check what your mirror can't see. (Blind Spot)

WHEN U use a Life Saver,
Do it early enough to allow your to adopt an Alternative plan
There is no use in loooking over your shoulder
as you start to Manoeuver your Machine into someones path.

LIFESAVER... Means To Turn Your Head &
Have a Glance at Your Blind Spot

user posted image

Avoiding Skids

Warning Signs to look for
What Action to take

1. Avoidance is best. Be Alert!
- look out for on coming vehicles
2. If u are in the sand patch!
- Do not use brakes (will be worst - drop gear)
- Try to keep bike upright & turn after the sand patch
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Do Not Forget... He Too Can't See Too Well
And his reaction & braking ability is not so fast...

user posted image
user posted image


During my NS days... Riding to See my Gf.
On my New Vespa 150 riding down Bradell Rd.
Down the Slope after Serangoon Rd towards Toa Payoh.
Weather was good.

A Pot Hole appears right infront on me.
And as it was too late to avoid it...
I rode over it.

The next thing I realise was that I was sitting on the road.
And a Pick Up Right next to my face.

Unfortunately my front wheel had gotten stuck in the port hole...
...and that cause me to fly over the bike.

I pick up my bike...
was able to start it & continued with some open wounds.
Still remembers the pain as the wind hit my wounds.


Perhaps a Road bike with a much bigger wheel may have
handled the Port Hole better... Maybe.
But the size of my small wheel sure didn't help me.


What did I learn...
I was young.... this was my 1st bike.
At that time, I didn't think much of it.
Probably more concern about the scratches to my nice scooter.

Looking back...
If there was more space infront.
The hole could be seen earlier... perhaps a better chance of avoiding it.
Am glad the Pick Up behind could stop without hitting me.
He had enough space & time to react.

user posted image

That's one Country u may not be Booked for parking on walk way...
Ahem... It's $70 Fine in Spore.
Advise: Stay off the Pavement in Orchard/Claymore Area...
....District 9/10/11... Expensive

user posted image


Do u need to lock your bike up all the time...
Whatever security measure u take...
....The Chance of U seeing your precious bike
Where u last left it goes up One Level.

Where u Park your bike plays an important part towards having your bike stolen.
Stealing your bike would involve time.
Somewhere discreet.

Do the minimum..... Lock your Steering if your bike has one.

As for the rest...

Eg. Padlock(as above), disc lock(with alarm, prevent braking your disc) or
Simply covering your bike.

Will involve Time... Yours and the Thief!

Just one other thing...
...with your bike secured with the lastest locks.
If the stealer is able to drive his pick up next to your bike.
A simple crane/lift will be able to carry away your 200kg Motor Cycle,
(belief me)Little effort & time required.
Watch where u park... Especially when u to touring in the North
QUOTE (spectrum @ Sep 26 2006, 05:15 PM)
user posted image


During my NS days... Riding to See my Gf.
On my New Vespa 150 riding down Bradell Rd.
Down the Slope after Serangoon Rd towards Toa Payoh.
Weather was good.

A Pot Hole appears right infront on me.
And as it was too late to avoid it...
I rode over it.

The next thing I realise was that I was sitting on the road.
And a Pick Up Right next to my face.

Unfortunately my front wheel had gotten stuck in the port hole...
...and that cause me to fly over the bike.

I pick up my bike...
was able to start it & continued with some open wounds.
Still remembers the pain as the wind hit my wounds.


Any picture of you and your scooter when you were younger?

Show us show us!!! Bet many people will be interested to see.

tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif
Will search... hope to fine one faded vespa.... biggrin.gif
user posted image

Street Smart #47 Tip of the Day

Riding Skill requires more than Handling Skills.
Many Hazards encoutered by riders are unpredictable.
Your need an investigative approach to recognise
& negotiate them safely.
To expect the unexpected.
Riding uses both mental & physical skills.

Mental Skill:

Ability to Scan the enviroment, recognise revelant dangers or hazards,
decide on their priority and form an achievable plan.

Physical Skill:

The ability to translate intentions & thoughts into action
accurately and smoothly.

In using these skills, you need to take account:

Real Ability as opposed to perceived ability
(what u can actually do as opposed to what U think you can do -
in the average rider there is a significant gap between real &
Perceived ability.
A key objective is to bring perceptions in line with reality)

The Capabilities of the machine

The Prevailing Weather & Road Conditions.


user posted image


Rain will greatly reduce the grip of tires, making skids and aquaplaning more likely.
Standing water(water that gather in puddles), cause by heavy thunderstorm
also reduces tire grip greatly.

Try to Ride thru these surfaces in a Straight Line
Cos any banking will increase your chance of Skidding...

Remember... Spilled fuel in Petrol Station & Bus Stops are Renown for
Bike Skids during wet days.
So be extra cautious when taking cover at Petrol stn when its starts to rain.
user posted image


Wearing Our Rain Coat or Jacket Back side front.
As Long as Our clothes don't make our riding hazardous.
I guess it is also relative to the Speed we ride.

user posted image

user posted image

Street Smart Golden Tip of the Day #50

A Moment of Anger Can Turn Us Into Monsters

Endless... amount of report of how road rage can kill.
Be reminded... we can lose our Cool very Quickly...
Just some car cut into our lane... tailgate... flash lites... horn...
Hog the right lane...

Worst... almost hitting us by their carelessness...

Just surprise how fast we can loose my Cool... our displeasure by overtaking the vehicle & glaring at him..
Pointing fingers and etc... "#*!@"

In the end... all upset... day ruined.
Worst... Other guy takes your challenge & tries to ram u down.

Let's us learn to keep cool... &... Forget the incident...
Forgive Him. Proceed with life..
Believe me... We will live a better life.

Let Me End with This Quote from Endlessloop:
"Some of my thoughts about bikers:
- Don't be so sticky about our "right of way". It is a nice-to-have. But be realistic. If we are going to ride thinking that everybody has to follow and respect our right of way, we are going to be very unhappy riding or get ourselves injured.

- Beware of our own inferiority complex. Some times we think we get bullied because we are on a smaller bike or smaller car. Then we get upset. There is no need to. Most of the time, the problem lies with the other party and not us. The "guilty party" just tailgates every vehicle, not just us because we are on a cheaper transport.
Have you experienced this before? Seeing in your rear view mirror, a big car that tailgates you like a glue. Then you think "idiot! tailgate me because I'm on a bike right". In exasperation, you give way and let the idiotic car over take. Then you realised that idiotic car just tailgates the next car in front! So the problem is the driver, not you! So no need to develop unhappiness over your good-old-cheap-but-gets-you-anywhere transport just because of some idiot!

I believe that riding is like in life, you should try to be as happy as possible. Spend less time being unhappy. It is especially not worthwhile to make ourselves unhappy over people that we don't like or are strangers."

user posted image

The 50th Tip of the Day

Street Smart would like to thank all readers for their
contributions and encouragement.
Four months had passed since the 1st tip was posted…
“The 1st Six minutes�
It is my sincere hope that the knowledge passed on
In this series would be beneficial to all riders.
Especially the new & younger riders.

As a Recap:
The Focus is not so much on the physical but the
Mental aspects of riding skills, and how attitudes and
Concentration affect riding performance.

Developing appropriate attitudes.
Recognizing attitudes are important,
And making a personal commitment to
Changing Unsafe attitudes.

We had looked at the different situations
That Can be potentially dangerous.
How to keep clear of them.
Or at best be cautious when we have to go through.

There is always some degree of risk while riding a motorcycle,
But a rider’s attitudes can greatly influence the risk involved.

As one of the safety author puts it…
“If you are reading materials concerning safe riding…
…you are in the Low Risk Group�

Where does “Street Smart� go from here…
Until the contributions are exhausted… we will go on.

Learning is a continuous process.
At all level of experience.
Being a good rider means we never stop learning.
Improve our skill both physical & mental.
Whenever we ride, it is an opportunity to
Reassess and improve our skills.

In your sharing, I had learned much.
Thank you.


user posted image

Street Smart Tip of the Day #51

Balancing on a Steep Slope is always very difficult.
(more so if yours is a Big Bike)
Especially when the stop is sudden.
Many had fallen or had close calls.
It could be due to the Traffic in front that stops in a sudden.
Or when our bikes is in the wrong gear,
misjudge the severity of the Slope.
So, remember... approach a STEEP SLOPE...
...plan not to stop on the slope.
Or just wait below till u have the opportunity to.

user posted image


Perhaps a Good Habit to Develop.
Whenever coming out of a Junction...
...Keep to the Side will always be a Safe Habit.

May Just miss a on coming car or perhaps misjudge his speed.
(a little tired, a little sleepy or just simply having something else on our minds)

user posted image


In Australia... Animals are a Main Hazard.
Especially during Sunset till dusk. Kangaroos!
Possibility of animals seeking the warm of the Tar Roads.

Animals are always a danger to bikers.
Have not really notice any stray cows/buffaloes on the roads in Malaysia
Maybe well fenced in. That's good.
But Certainly please be very careful, where there's farms.

Look for signs... if u see cow sh*t... there's definately cows around.
Give yourself enough distance to slow down if an animal appears in the middle of the road.

Hope U like my collection pics of cows & donkeys
From the city of Ahmadabad, India.
Being animals... they are quite well camouflaged.
Makes it more difficult for us to see them...

The animals are well respected there.
And they wander freely.
Motorist just go around them.

user posted image


There are a few advantages that we have over cars.
One of them is that We Look Over Them.

Use it to Look Far & Wide to avoid any intrusion into our Path.

user posted image


FOCUS - Think of the Ride & not your work or gf/bf.
Concentrate on the road.
AWARE - Know whats around you. Remember... bikers are invisible!
Especially Road Junctions!
SCAN - Predict the direction vehicles/pedestrains coming into your path.
The road surface condition when taking corners
Traffic - Spaces between traffic is the best protection.
Gives more stopping distances for You that u may not skid
& the car behind to avoid you if u do skid & fall.

user posted image


This instinctive response to a genuine life threat still exists in humans,
and we hear about it all the time when we hear stories of "target fixation."
When faced with a life-or-death hazard,
your body wants to stare at the threat.
Your mind wants to watch the enemy closely for any hints
as to what it might do.
When facing down a savage animal,
this may be the best thing.
On a motorcycle, it's exactly the wrong thing.
Focus on your escape,
and use your peripheral vision to track the hazard instead.
user posted image

Riding into Gaps in Traffic will give us SPACE.
As the Rough Graphic above...
There maybe Gaps in any of the Lanes.

Just Slow Down & Filter into one of these Gaps.
Stay in the middle of the Gap.

U can choose between Slower Spd in the Left Lane,
Normal Spd in middle Lane
Overtaking Spd in the Right Lane.
(Just wait for the next Gap to come around... then filter in)

It will give us a Greater Margin of Safety.
"Stopping Distance for Us so we don't skid or crash into the Vehicle Ahead,
And if we do drop... the Vehicle behind has time & distance to stop or
Avoid Us."

Like to Acknowledge "Endlessloop" for this Valuable Contribution...
IPB Image


When u See a Vehicle Moving Really Slow...
...There is a good chance he is lost & finding his way.
(can be a commercial vehicle looking for a place to deliver his goods or
As shared by our readers... Chinese New Year... looking for relatives
or friends home)

Most liable to Make SUDDEN Turns when he find the place he is looking for.

Stay clear for these vehicles less they turn into your path!

IPB Image

IPB Image



Run Wide on a Turn...
U Go over Stoney Island!
The Sweeper nomally comes late morn.
So All kind of Debris is left on the Island.
(Screws, nut & bolts... pick one up
& u have a puncture comin')

Beware! Sure way to spoil your day is to ride over the Island

IPB Image

In the above pic... debris are throw to the right side of filter lane...
So if u squeeze to the right of this vehicle...
Good chance of hitting "stoney island"

In a rush, cornering at higher than normal spd...
Skid & drop on the Main Rd...
At the mercy of the on coming vehicles from the Right.

Check the both sides of filter lanes down Shears Bridge...
Plently of debris there...
user posted image

user posted image

When We Rush...
Our Mind is fix on One & Only One Thing...
Reaching There in the Shortest Time Possible!
Late for work... how to explain to the supervisor.
Late for date... Will she be angry.
Late for Meeting... what will your boss say...

All our Safety Margins goes below Sea-Level.

We Take corners to fast... & over run our lane.
Squeeze when the gap is too narrow.
Try to beat the Red Lites when lite turns amber.
Don't know how many times had to
E-Brake just to avoid crashing into the
Front Vehicle.

Just Remember...If we crash...
That would definately be a acceptable reason for
...the people waiting for U at the other end.
Nope, We don't want that!

By all means...
Ride with Haste!
Don't Rush!
It is Not Worth It!
user posted image


Regulating Your Speed

Often we read of accidents involving Singaporeans
On Driving Holidays in
Australia, New Zealand & Malaysia.
Unfamiliar Roads, Beautiful scenery...

One invaluable advise I recieved from An Uncle that
Lives in Christchurch is...

"To drive close to the Speed Dictate on the road Signs."
IF the Signs says 40 kmh...
Driving close to that limit will bring u safely thru that bend.

As we tour the Malaysia Trunk Rds.
Staying close to the Spd on the Sign Boards
is one sure way on not over running the bends.

Refuse to slow down...
And risk of a over run...
To the other side of the road.
If there is no vehicles on the other side...
Count it as your lucky day.

With a higher spd...
the over run will carry u into the drain on the other side.
May even Hit a Tree or A Road Barrier...

That it would definately spoil your day.

user posted image

Ever wonder why Motor Cycle Racer quite often walks away after a Crash...

user posted image

That's Because There Don't Hit Anything
And there's the Sand to Slow them down...
Full Skin Overall include spine protector. Boots
Full Face Helmet...

But Occasionally they do hit something or someone ride over them.
That's when serious injury occurs.

user posted image

When Taking the Above Corner...
A skid & Drop while on the Right Lane...
Rider would most likely hit the Barrier.

Taking the Left Lane...
Rider would most probably remain on the road...
But a Vehicle may run the rider down...

Using the Left Lane with A clear Right Lane Would be Ideal...
Be surprise how often that can be Achieved.

user posted image

user posted image



This is a turn that tightens up as you go through it.
IF u are unaware...
there may be a nasty surprise at the end of the turn waiting for U.

Just Slow down... as u progress in the turn.

Two Turns I can think of:

1. KJE to BKE towards the City.
2. PIE to ECP towards the City.
(to make matter worst...
there are spd strips as the turn tightens up... towards PIE.
that's where we may be struggling to control our bikes)

Not a gd design but we have to live with it.

THE Other 2 Kind of Turns are:
a. Constant Radius Turns - Neither tightens or increases
b. Increasing Radius Turns - This turn widens.

user posted image

Light Drizzle will just provide enough water to make a slippery pad.
Heavy rain will was the roads clean.

Remember the Infamous Old Tampines Rd
where the Sand lorry use to carry sand from
the Quarry around there...
Drip a lot of sand/mud water as they rush their sand to construction sites.


Come a little rain... Tampanis Rd will without fail...
have vehicles that had skidded of the rd!
& most of them has 4 wheels.
A simple tap of the brakes is all that is needed...
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